Probate Lawyer Houston TX

As the complexities of estate-planning law are constantly evolving in the Houston area, so too must the regulations and standards that protect your last wishes and assets. Committed to the highest levels of knowledgeable Probate counsel, the attorneys at Garg & Associates are constantly monitoring information on new case precedence and legislative changes that impact estate-related law. As a Houston Probate law firm, we have represented clients in our community who have gone through some of the most trying times of their lives. We have addressed and advocated on pressing Probate issues on behalf of our clients to ease their burdens. Our dedication to staying apprised of new Probate regulations validates our pledge to provide clients with the most experienced and educated attorneys in the Houston area.

Garg & Associates can handle simple estates valued at less than $100,000, more complex taxable estates in the Houston area valued in the millions and all estates in between; including estates with more complex issues involved such as real estate, business interests and multiple state assets.

Estate law related matters are sensitive situations to entrust in someone, but we at Garg & Associates understand the gravity and unique aspects of each Probate legal proceeding and will work in both a professional and confidential manner to guide you through your difficult decisions. As your Probate attorneys in the Houston area, we will take you step by step, informing you of your options, helping with the tough decisions and representing you efficiently throughout the process. At Garg & Associates we believe our experience, our dedication to our clients, and our passion lead to our success. Most importunately, as your Probate counsel you can feel confident that we are well-equipped to handle your needs and any challenges that may arise in the future.

As your Houston Probate attorney, we realize that gravity of your case requires dedication, expertise and versatility. In most cases, Houston estate and will contests have a short window of time for filing, typically within 90 days after the notice of administration has been presented to the personal representative of the estate, which is why you must think preemptively and seek out Probate counsel before dire consequences come into affect. Garg & Associates will take that immediate action needed to protect what you feel is rightfully yours.

Worse yet, our Probate lawyers in Houston have witnessed many situations where unjust influencers can persuade your love ones into mistakenly signing over assets, real estate and even personal representative authority. In such cases, it is necessary to have someone there to ensure your last wishes are executed precisely as you intended, and Garg & Associates will be that stalwart representative. This is not only true for wills, but trusts, real estate deeds and beneficiary designation can also be contested in the Houston area. The most common bases for challenging a will are Undue Influence, Testamentary Capacity, and Failure to execute with the required formalities.

Garg & Associates will be that professional representative for you throughout the Probate process. If one of the parties involved is uncooperative or hostile, however, Probate litigation may be the only option. When Garg & Associates accepts your case, you can be assured that you will receive the knowledgeable Probate counsel you need and deserve, while feeling our fierce dedication to justice for our clients. As your Probate lawyers in the Houston area, we recognize the special importance of achieving satisfactory results in your Probate proceedings, because it will affect your family and loved ones for the rest of their lives. We are not afraid to zealously defend your rights in all aspects of your estate-related law case, so contact Garg & Associates today to schedule an initial Probate consultation right away.

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