Inter Vivos Trusts

There are situations in which a person may want to hand property over to another person, usually a relative, while they are still alive. These trusts are known as inter vivos trusts, after the Latin for “between the living.” In these agreements, a grantor, the person establishing the trust, may give property over to someone else legally, but with the stipulation that they can revoke that agreement while they live. While wills are more commonly used for the transfer of property, an inter vivos trust can also transfer property after the death of the grantor.

When it comes to passing property from one person to another, the options available are numerous. To determine which of these options is right for you, contact the Houston wills and trusts lawyers of Garg & Associates, P.C. by calling 281-362-2865.

Trust or Will?

Inter vivos trusts are unique in that they deal directly between two living parties, and may eventually cover what occurs after one party dies. However, there are some benefits and problems inherent with these contracts:

  • Probate courts and fees are avoided
  • Trust records are kept private
  • Costs are paid up-front
  • Trusts can be expensive agreements to draw up

For those looking to set up a simple agreement of property transfer, a will provides a questionably less expensive way to legally guarantee inheritances, but is significantly less expedient and certainly more public. On the other hand, trusts are quick to create, but may incur more fees in the immediate future.

Contact Us

If you are trying to determine whether or not a will is right for you, talking through the process with a professional can help answer some pressing questions and better frame the important decisions that follow transferring estate properties. Contact the Houston wills and trusts attorneys of Garg & Associates, P.C. by calling 281-362-2865 to discuss your options today.

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