The Quick Guide to Pour-Over Wills

Unless you have a background in law or a related field, it can be confusing and frustrating to start sorting through all the different options you have when it comes to estate planning. That is why the most helpful, timesaving thing you can do is sit down with an experienced estate planning attorney and start the process of figuring out what fits your situation and your desires the best. However, this article will try to give you the basics on one of the many options you might consider when planning for the future: a pour-over will.

The Benefits

Essentially, a pour-over will creates a will and trust at the same time. The will outlines how the trust will be handled, and that anything in the testator’s possession at the time of death will be transferred to – or “poured into” – the trust. An executor can then take care of the person’s assets as they desired. Pour-over wills can make end-of-life planning simpler for many people. Although it’s not the right choice for everyone, consider the following benefits:

  • There is added convenience, as there is not usually a rush to rework the will every time assets change, since all items owned automatically get put into the trust upon death.
  • This can allow the testator to have increased liquidity, since they do not need to worry about getting things into the trust.
  • Property does not usually have to go through probate court.

For some people, a pour-over will may not be the right choice. Talk to an experienced wills and trusts attorney about your situation to find out what is best for you.

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