What Is the Uniform Probate Code?

In 1964, the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws began work on a uniform law that would cover state probate laws. Probate law, or the area of law dealing with inheritance and related issues, can vary significantly between states. This draft was meant to simplify these differences and reduce legal confusion when drafting a will or trust. In 1969, the project was completed with help from the probate branch of the American Bar Association. States began adopting parts of this code that same year.

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The UPC and State Probate Laws

Each state retains the right to draft whatever probate laws they feel best address the needs of their citizens. Although the Uniform Probate Code, or UPC, was aimed at easing major differences, no state was required to adopt the system. As a result, different states have laws that may or may not resemble the UPC. Probate laws across the states reflect the following:

  • Only a small collection of states adopted the code entirely
  • Most other states adopted only parts of the code
  • Legal interpretation of the UPC still depends on state jurisdictions

The Uniform Probate Code has had a major impact on probate law in certain areas, but has only marginally influenced state laws in others.

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