Benihana's founder's will disputed

Posted on May 27th, 2010 No Comments

A tangled estate dispute between the wife and children of the late Rocky Aoki, best-known for his founding of Benihana Inc., is working its way through the court systems.

New York State Surrogate’s Court recently ruled that Keiko Aoki, Rocky’s third wife and widow, was entitled to pursue her attempts to seize control of a trust currently being controlled by Rocky’s children.

The dispute is over whether or not Rocky was aware of what he was doing in 2002, when his lawyer and children convinced him to sign documents that forbid him from leaving any part of his estate to anyone but his descendants.

The judge who ruled in Keiko’s favor believed there to be clear evidence that there was an “impermissible conflict of interest” in the lawyer acting as adviser to both Rocky and Rocky’s children.

One of the key pieces of evidence for this conclusion was a memo the lawyer wrote to himself in 2003, which the court was able to obtain. “Undoubtedly, the fur will fly when [Rocky’s new lawyer Joseph] Manson and his clients, Keiko and Rocky, discover the existence of the executed partial release,” he wrote, referring to the documents that would forbid Rocky from ever leaving the assets to anyone but a descendant. Rocky died in 2008.

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Georgia rules against 'illegitimate' child

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The Georgia Supreme Court today ruled against a daughter born out of wedlock who felt entilted to part of her father’s will.

The father left his inheritance to his two lawful children, which did not include the woman who brought the suit.

The court voted 5 to 2 against the daughter’s claim, ruling that under old Georgia law, illegitimate children are not “lawful.”

Justice Hugh Thompson, who dissented against the majority vote, wrote that the decision takes a “giant step backwards” in the development of biological children’s rights.

The ruling goes against general legal precedent in the state, wherein most children born outside of marriage have been recognized legally. This precedent may be changed following the court’s ruling.

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British will-makers fail to contact inheritors

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According to police, the Lincoln firm Willmakers Of Distinction failed to contact two of three beneficiaries in a client’s will. Money left by a 96 year-old Birmingham man, totaling roughly 120,000 British pounds, was meant to split between his last living U.K. relative, a friend, and a neighbor. However, the executors of the state never distributed the money to either his friend or neighbor, and never informed them that they were included in his will.

In the court proceedings, it was revealed that this was not an isolated incident. A Chapel St. Leonards widow failed to receive her 3000 pounds that was left behind from her husband’s death in 2004. Instead, she was left responsible for the 2000 pounds it cost for his funeral.

Two employees from Willmakers Of Distinction have admitted guilt, while one continues to deny allegations of theft.

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Dispute over Hawaiian inheritance leads to violence

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According to police reports, a 39-year-old Waipahu man is in police custody after using a large wooden stick to attack his two sisters during an argument Sunday.

Police believe the dispute arose from ambiguity over the siblings’ family inheritance.

The man’s two sisters told police that they were quarrelling with their brother around 4:30 p.m. when he hit the younger one, age 30, several times with the stick.

He then attacked the older sister, age 45, hitting her on the head.

The sisters sustained injury and were admitted to a local hospital for treatment.

The man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder and second-degree assault.

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