Same-Sex Couples’ Wills Being Challenged

Posted on February 25th, 2011 No Comments

Same-sex couples have been running into problems when one of their partners dies. As the law in several states does not recognize a same-sex civil union as a legal marriage, when a partner dies, the surviving partner is not entitled to the assets that are left behind.

One man had lived with his partner for twenty years and paid mortgage on the house they shared. However, the house was under his partner’s name, and, when the partner died, the man was given no rights to the home.

Even when wills are created to ensure that a partner receives the assets intended for them, they can still be challenged. This has often been the case from families who did not approve of the same-sex relationship when their family member was alive.

If a will from your loved one has been challenged for any reason, please contact the Houston probate litigation attorneys of Garg & Associates, P.C., at 281-362-2865.

Myths About Planning a Will

Posted on February 18th, 2011 No Comments

Wills are extremely important documents that make sure your last wishes are carried out when you die. They can help and protect the people that you love and are closest to you during your life. However, there are many common misconceptions about creating a will and how a will is carried out.

One such myth is that a will is not needed if one does not have many assets. This is just not true. Most people are worth more than they know, and everything they own can have value to someone in their life. Another myth is that a spouse will receive everything, so it is not necessary to create a will. This may be true, but, if the spouse dies, remaining assets may not be divided the way they were intended.

Furthermore, many people wonder why they should have their wills written by attorneys when they can do it themselves. A will is a legal document. An attorney will assure that all of the correct legal jargon is used so that a person’s wishes are carried out correctly.

It is important to plan ahead in life. If you would like more information on planning your will, please contact the Houston estate planning lawyers of Garg & Associates, P.C. at 281-362-2865.

Living Wills Could Be Nulled by “Conscience Law”

Posted on February 9th, 2011 No Comments

Efforts have been made to make changes to Idaho’s “Conscience Law,” which states that medical practitioners have the right to refuse to provide a service to a patient if it does not seem right to them, or violates the health care provider’s conscience. With the passing of this law, the living wills of patients will be disregarded.

Tom Loertscher, the Chairman of the House State Affairs Committee, has the opportunity to kill the bill, however, he is undecided on what he would like to do.

The bill directly defies an Idaho law which states that the wishes of people with living wills must be honored.

If you would like more information on living wills, please contact the Houston living will attorneys of Garg & Associates, P.C. at 281-362-2865.

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