Judge to Appoint Reciever in Hotelier’s Estate Battle

Posted on May 27th, 2011 No Comments

A judge in Florida said Monday he will appoint a receiver to manage the finances of a corporation that is at the center of an estate battle.

At the center of the estate battle is JBDK LLC, a corporation that was jointly owned by Myrtle Beach hotelier Dorothy Anderson and her husband, James Anderson. Judge Larry Hyman said he is concerned that Bert Anderson, a personal representative of his mother’s estate, has been given no information about how much money has passed through a a company checking account.

According to court documents, James Anderson transferred all of his interest in the corporation to the couple’s other son, Bobby, who has blocked Bert Anderson’s access to the checking account and has refused to provide an accounting for the funds. Bert Anderson filed a lawsuit against his father and brother, claiming that half of the money in the company checking account belongs to his mother’s estate.

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Elderly woman of prominent family takes sons to court over late husband’s will

Posted on May 19th, 2011 No Comments

A 71-year-old woman recently found herself in court¬†over the will of her late husband. The woman, who is part of Massachusetts’s prominent Rockett family, is suing two of her sons, whom she claims are swindling her out of money that her late husband left her in his will.

The case is currently in trial, where the woman’s attorneys have argued that the woman was only receiving $27,000 a month after the death of her husband in 2009 and that this amount has since dwindled to nothing. Attorneys for the woman’s sons stated that the woman was left $17 million in assets and has received all of it.

Some close to the case have speculated that the woman was put up to suing her sons by another one of her children, whom her husband purposely left out of his will after a familial dispute.

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Spring clean your estate plan

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Experts have said that Spring is not just an optimal time to clean your house, but it is also a great time to review documents like your estate plan and make sure that it is in working order.

Life is constantly changing, and so your will should reflect those changes. Estates should be updated if the composition of a family has changed, for example if you divorce, remarry, or have children. Also, if you have lost or gained assets, these should be written into your estate.

Estates should also reflect any changes in legislature that will affect estate taxes. These laws can change every few years so being up to date on your will can assure that your loved ones receive exactly what you intended them to in the event of your death.

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