Victoria Hopper Fighting for Estranged Husband’s Estate

Posted on March 9th, 2011 No Comments

It was no secret that, towards the end of his life, the late actor, Dennis Hopper, was having problems with his marriage to Victoria Hopper. He filed for divorce from her shortly before his death, however, Victoria is still seeking claims to much of his estate and suing his family for child support for their 8-year-old son.

Immediately following the actor’s death, a court ordered Dennis Hopper to pay $200,000 to Victoria, plus $4,000 in child support. She claimed she did not receive any of this money.

Victoria filed complaints against Dennis’s children, on claims of interference in the marriage and breaching the divorce contract, and she is also asking for twenty-five percent of Dennis’s estate.

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New Massachusetts wills and trusts law would benefit pet owners

Posted on January 5th, 2011 No Comments

If signed into law this week, new legislation in Massachusetts will allow pet owners to designate how their pets should be cared for an owner’s death. Many pet owners place very high importance on the care and well-being of their animals, and want to provide stipulations for the pet’s care in their wills. Many other states hold similar laws.

The pending legislation, introduced a year ago, would make the owner’s decision about pet care an enforceable mandate. Currently, if a person in Massachusets leaves money for a pet’s care and the money is used in other ways, no legal action may be taken.

Advocates of the bill say that leaving money and instructions for pet care is important to people who consider their pets like family members, and will relieve towns of financial burdens related to abandoned pets.

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Wharton Firefighter Death Causes Fight Over Assets

Posted on July 26th, 2010 No Comments

Nikki Araguz’s husband, Thomas Araguz, was a Wharton firefighter. She was a man. According to My Fox Houston, Araguz died “just months after his family said he learned his wife was actually born a man.” Upon this revelation, Mr. Araguz wanted a divorce.

His mother has already filed to have her son’s marriage declared null and void.

His family continues the fight over his death benefits. Nikki Araguz claims the money is hers. Mr. Araguz’s sons from his first marriage claim it is theirs. Currently, Nikki Araguz has possession of the money, but a judge recently ordered the money turned over to the court until the matter is sorted out.

Death is hard enough on a family, but sometimes that is only the beginning. If you or someone you know is dealing with a contested will, contact your experienced Houston Contested Wills Attorneys at Garg & Associates, PC, by dialing 281-362-2865.

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