Famous British wills to be released to public

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The wills of many British historical figures will be released for the first time ever to public perusal.

Wills from the likes of Winston Churchill, comedian George Formby, and Florence Nightingale will be made available online. The collection includes six million probate records dating from 1942 to 1966.

This is the first time genealogists and historical fans will be able to see what their favorite British historical figures bequeathed to their families and friends.

The Houston wills and trusts lawyers at the estate firm of Garg & Associates, P.C., can help you include everything you need in your will.

Attorney accuses judge and lawyers of conspiring to loot Rosa Parks’ estate

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An attorney is suing the probate judge, Judge Freddie Burton Jr., and lawyers, John Chase Jr. and Melvin Jefferson Jr., who handled the estate of civil rights icon Rosa Parks.

Lawyer Stephen G. Cohen is accusing Burton, Jefferson, and Chase of conspiring to loot Parks’ estate. He claims that the group ran up more than $507,000 in unnecessary legal fees, leaving the estate, originally valued at $8 million, $88,000 in debt.

Cohen also claims that Burton stripped control of Parks’ estate from Elaine Steele, one of its named heirs. This allowed Jefferson and Chase to continue racking up huge legal fees. Cohen demands they return the money.

Many probate litigation experts agree that Cohen’s allegations will be challenging to prove, but he is confident he will find success.

As life expectancy increases, many add parents to wills

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Individuals who have prepared their wills typically do not plan on being outlived by their parents. However, many people are finding that their parents are becoming increasingly dependent on them in their old age.

Children who end up having to take care of their parents spend an average of $3,500 a month on care, according to Met Life. If something were to happen to these benevolent children, it would leave their parents without the care they need.

This is why it’s becoming more important to have a plan in place for the tragic situation in which your parents outlive you.

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Major estate auction to be held today

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The estate of Mr. Joseph S. from Columbus, Texas, will be auctioned off tonight. The estate includes numerous original works of art by noted artists and myriad other items Mr. S. collected over the course of his life.

Mr. Joseph S. split his days between Santa Fe, New Mexico, and his hometown of Columbus, Texas. He had two homes in Columbus, both filled with treasured antiques.

The estate sale is set for 6:30 tonight at 1811 Upland Drive, Houston, TX 77043.

As uncomfortable as it may be, it is important to plan your estate before you pass. If you are ready to begin preparing for your inevitable demise, contact the Houston estate planning attorneys of Garg & Associates, P.C., at 281-362-2865.

‘Love Your Block’ project announced by City of Houston

Posted on April 19th, 2012 No Comments

Aesthetic appeal and beautification of neighborhoods are the main focuses of a new project that was recently announced by the City of Houston.

The ‘Love Your Block’ project was established by the city in order to promote togetherness among Houston communities. The Mayor of the city, Annise Parker, discussed a grant that was developed with Home Depot and it’s benefits to the project. This grant allows for 20 separate gift cards, worth $500 each, to be distributed to deserving groups of residents in the Houston area.

Since there are a limited number of gift cards, the project will promote friendly competitions among neighborhoods in the community. These cards are a starting point for modifications, and will help act as a catalyst for bringing people together throughout the city.

The Houston contested wills lawyers of Garg & Associates, P.C. are committed to keeping Houston clean and beautiful. For more information regarding this new project, please visit the ABC Houston site today.

Estate planning options for people in relationships

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Individuals in relationships may have a more difficult time deciding how to delve into estate planning. For some couples, choosing to configure their estate together is the most apparent option. But, for other couples, blended families and children from previous marriages could increase the complexity of the issue.

One of the initial decisions that needs to be made by a couple in regards to estate planning is the decision to be represented as a unit, or for both people in the relationship to have their own representation. Couples who choose to have the same estate planning lawyer will save money, but couples who seek the help of two different attorneys will have the opportunity to discuss their specific concerns and tailor their estate plans with their best interests in mind.

Several situations when dealing with married couples can arise when talking about estate planning. Some of these situations include a wealthier spouse, children from previous marriages, longevity of the relationship, prenuptial agreements, and age differences. It is important for individuals to seek experienced help in order to keep their best interests protected.

If you have questions regarding estate planning, please contact the Houston estate planning lawyers of Garg & Associates, P.C. by calling 281-362-2865 today.

Estate of Brooke Astor settled

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Brooke Astor’s estate has finally been settled. The philanthropist passed away in 2007 at the age of 105, and the battle over her estate has been drawing on ever since. Astor’s fortunes total around $100 million, and the controversy surrounding the distribution has been a heated one.

Her oldest son was convicted of stealing from his mother in the last years of her life when her health was declining. Due to this conviction, his inheritance was reduced by 50 percent, and he is no longer able to delegate how his mother’s money is distributed to charities.

The settlement allocates $30 million to charities, with a large majority going to the New York Public Library and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The settlement was determined without a trial.

If you have questions regarding estate planning, please contact the Houston estate planning lawyers of Garg & Associates, P.C. by calling 281-362-2865 today.

Missing Houston boy will stay in state custody

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In 2004, a Houston couple reported that their infant son had gone missing. Eight years later, authorities found the young boy living 140 miles outside of Houston with his alleged captors. The young boy was removed from the hostile environment, and entered state custody.

The biological parents of the 8-year-old have undergone DNA testing, as well as other testing. The DNA testing proves that they are the actual parents of the boy, and that neither of them are on any types of drugs. The state has decided to keep the boy in their custody until everyone involved can complete mandatory therapy sessions.

The 8-year-old is currently unaware that his biological parents are seeking custody of him, or even the fact that he was not being raised by his biological parents. He will be told once the proper procedures have been completed. According to authorities, the little boy is at a kindergarten level in regards to school, and will need special attention in order to transition.

The Houston estate planning lawyers of Garg & Associates, P.C. hope that the transition for this young boy goes according to plan, and that he is able to overcome the obstacles ahead of him. To learn more about this ongoing story, please visit the Houston ABC news website today.

Blended families increase tension in estate planning

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The National Stepfamily Resource Center reports that over 50 percent of first marriages will result in divorce, and approximately 75 percent of those divorced individuals will find themselves married for a second time.

Second marriages are where blended families begin, with 65 percent including children from previous relationships and unions. Estate planning becomes trickier when dividing up assets among children, as well as stepchildren.

Several individuals have strong opinions about who should receive their financial assets in these types of situations that include non-biological children. In order to assign assets to the most suited heirs, these parents should seek advice about estate planning, and outline their wishes before their family continues to blend even further.

If you have questions pertaining to estate planning, please contact the Houston estate planning lawyers of Garg & Associates, P.C. by calling 800-242-2151 today.


Whitney Houston left nothing to ex-husband in will

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Everything in Whitney Houston’s will and estate was left to her daughter, 19-year-old Bobbi Kristina Brown. Bobbi is Whitney’s only child, and the heir to every asset that Whitney possessed.

The famous singer purposely left out her ex-husband, Bobby Brown, due to their tumultuous relationship over the years. Houston’s lawyers do not believe that there will be any contests to the will by family members.

According to reports, Houston’s estate money will be moved into a trust fund until Bobbi Kristina Brown turns 21. The details of the financial amount Bobbi is set to receive have not been revealed at this time.

If you have questions regarding estate planning, please contact the Houston estate planning lawyers of Garg & Associates, P.C. by calling 800-242-2151 today.

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