As life expectancy increases, many add parents to wills

Posted on May 9th, 2012 No Comments

Individuals who have prepared their wills typically do not plan on being outlived by their parents. However, many people are finding that their parents are becoming increasingly dependent on them in their old age.

Children who end up having to take care of their parents spend an average of $3,500 a month on care, according to Met Life. If something were to happen to these benevolent children, it would leave their parents without the care they need.

This is why it’s becoming more important to have a plan in place for the tragic situation in which your parents outlive you.

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How to include your animals in a trust

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There are certain instances when a pet will live longer than it’s owner. When this occurs, owners of those animals have the option of including them in a trust in order to know that they will be taken care of after their passing.

When writing a pet trust it is important to keep some key points in mind. Some of these points include: detailed instructions on the care for the animal, setting a specific amount of money aside for the pet, and realizing that these documents can be put in place before or after death.

Pet trusts can be very prominent documents to a pet owner. It is necessary to plan these out in detail in order to avoid the court changing certain aspects after death. If the outlined document seems excessive or allocates more to the animal than to a human relative, then the court may alter some areas of that trust.

Please contact the Houston wills and trusts attorneys of Garg & Associates, P.C. at 281-362-2865, if you or someone you know is interested in learning more about setting up a pet trust.


Living Wills Could Be Nulled by “Conscience Law”

Posted on February 9th, 2011 No Comments

Efforts have been made to make changes to Idaho’s “Conscience Law,” which states that medical practitioners have the right to refuse to provide a service to a patient if it does not seem right to them, or violates the health care provider’s conscience. With the passing of this law, the living wills of patients will be disregarded.

Tom Loertscher, the Chairman of the House State Affairs Committee, has the opportunity to kill the bill, however, he is undecided on what he would like to do.

The bill directly defies an Idaho law which states that the wishes of people with living wills must be honored.

If you would like more information on living wills, please contact the Houston living will attorneys of Garg & Associates, P.C. at 281-362-2865.

Pennsylvania county gives free wills to emergency workers

Posted on January 27th, 2011 No Comments

A county in Pennsylvania is taking an unusual step to help protect the rights and interests of emergency workers who risk their lives to help others: offering free wills.

Only 20 percent of emergency responders, police officers, and firefighters across the United States have wills drawn up. If someone dies in the line of duty, often families are left to cope with affairs without the assistance of a will.

The county already held a similar event last year, in which 51 emergency responders and their significant others utilized the free legal services to create wills, living wills, and designated powers of attorney. They hope to hold two events each year.

The decision to create a will is never an easy one, but is a necessary step to take to protect your family. If you or someone you know needs assistance creating a will, contact our Houston wills attorney from Garg & Associates, P.C. by calling 281-362-2865.

Renowned photographers’ trust involved in legal dispute

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The Ansel Adams Publishing Rights Trust is involved in a legal battle with a man who has been accused of advertising posters and prints featuring “Ansel Adams Lost Negatives,” which the trust claims are not the work of the photographer.

The trust originally sued the man in August 2010 after he advertised “Ansel Adams Lost Negatives” items on his website. However, the man and his media company have since filed a counterclaim against the trust, as well as against the University of Arizona, which supported the trust’s claims. The complaint states that a team of experts have evaluated the negatives and found that the negatives were most likely created by Ansel Adams, and that the trust defamed the man and his company in their comments to international news networks.

The complaint and the counterclaim are set to be heard in May 2012.

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New Massachusetts wills and trusts law would benefit pet owners

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If signed into law this week, new legislation in Massachusetts will allow pet owners to designate how their pets should be cared for an owner’s death. Many pet owners place very high importance on the care and well-being of their animals, and want to provide stipulations for the pet’s care in their wills. Many other states hold similar laws.

The pending legislation, introduced a year ago, would make the owner’s decision about pet care an enforceable mandate. Currently, if a person in Massachusets leaves money for a pet’s care and the money is used in other ways, no legal action may be taken.

Advocates of the bill say that leaving money and instructions for pet care is important to people who consider their pets like family members, and will relieve towns of financial burdens related to abandoned pets.

If you need assistance creating, modifiying, or managing your wills and trusts, the Houston estate planning attorneys of Garg & Associates, P.C. can help. To learn more, contact our offices at 281-362-2865 today.

Springfield Mayor ordered to court for estate dispute

Posted on December 14th, 2010 No Comments

A Sangamon County Circuit Court Judge ordered Mayor Tim Davlin of Springfield to appear in court next week for a hearing regarding the estate to which the mayor is executor.

Davlin skipped a Sept. 22 court-ordered deadline by which he was supposed to provide a financial accounting for the estate of his cousin Margaret Ettelbrick, who passed away in 2003.

Catholic Charities of Springfield has asked the judge for both a final accounting and to dismiss Davlin as executor of the estate, worth just under $1 million.

Davlin’s attorney has filed against the estate as well, alleging that he is owed about $20,000 in legal fees that he was never paid.

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Pavarotti estate dispute sets example

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When famed operatic singer Luciano Pavarotti died in 2008 after a yearlong battle with cancer, there was a dispute over how to divide up his estate.

Pavarotti had drafted two wills near the end of his life; one divided his assets by Italian law and left half to his second wife, Nicoletta Mantovani, and the other half to his four daughters. But his second, American, will left all his American holdings to Ms. Mantovani.

His late wife’s lawyer declined to share details of the resolution with the public but Pavarotti’s daughters and Ms. Mantovani came to a “friendly agreement” over how to settle the dispute.

Don’t let this kind of dispute happen over your estate. Contact the Houston estate planning attorneys of Garg & Associates, P.C. by calling 281-362-2865 today.

Marshall estate dispute to appear before SCOTUS

Posted on October 11th, 2010 No Comments

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court agreed Tuesday to hear an appeal from the estate of Anna Nicole Smith, the late model and TV reality-show star, in the decades-old dispute over an inheritance from her tycoon husband.

The Supreme Court agreed this Tuesday to the request that they hear an appeal from the estate of Anna Nicole Smith, the late actress and Playboy Playmate.

The dispute, which is decades old, involves her tycoon husband’s estate. This is the second time that the case has reached the Supreme Court.

Smith — legally known as Vickie Lynn Marshall — married Texas billionaire Howard Marshall in 1994 after they met at an adult club where she was working. At the time, she was 26 and he 89. Fourteen months later, Marshall died.

Since then, the estate has been in dispute between Marshall’s son Pierce and Smith.

However, Pierce died in 2006, and Smith died in 2007; now her estate and his are battling for Marshall’s inheritance and estate.

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Davidson will contested

Posted on September 10th, 2010 No Comments

Three suits filed in Oakland County Circuit Court, all disputing the estate of the late William Davidson, have been quietly settled according to court records and attorneys involved.

Davidson, the billionaire businessman and owner of the Detroi Pistons, was worth at least $5 billion. The suits sought to dispute about $20 million of that fortune.

One of the suits was brought by a New York-based nonprofit called the Areivim Philanthropic Group, of which Davidson was a co-founder. He reportedly pledged $5 million in support for the group, which is devoted to supporting Jewish educational causes.

Two other lawsuits were filed by Israeli businessmen operating as Milestones Upgrading & Industries and related parties.

Problems like these can be avoided with a carefully written and detailed will and estate plan. Contact the Houston estate planning attorneys of Garg & Associates, P.C. by calling 281-362-2865 today.

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