Domestic Partnerships May Not Have Right to Estate Without Will

Posted on April 6th, 2011 No Comments

Among young people today, getting married is not always a given. Many people of younger generations no longer regard getting married as an inevitable part of life, and many couples are now in long-term relationships without marriage. If this is the case, the only way a person can receive their partner’s assets in the event of his or her death, is to put it in writing.

Spouses have certain legal rights to their deceased husband or wife’s estates, even without a written will. However, people who are in committed relationships but are not married essentially have no legal rights to their partner’s property in the event of a death, unless a will has been created.

If you or someone you love would like to create a will, please contact the Houston wills lawyers of Garg & Associates, P.C., at 281-362-2865.

Manager of Elizabeth Taylor May Receive Fortune

Posted on March 25th, 2011 No Comments

After the tragic passing of Elizabeth Taylor on Wednesday, some are now speculating as to who will receive her fortune. Her assets are estimated to be at over $360 million.

Reports have indicated that Taylor’s long-time manager and friend, Jason Winters, will be inheriting the money. The two became extremely close after Taylor suffered through divorce, bouts with pneumonia, and depression, that left her emotionally and physically crippled. Taylor credited Winters with helping her recover from her depression and the fear of leaving her house. He was said to have brought her back in the public eye after these hardships.

Taylor had four children, all of whom will be reading the will in the upcoming week. They have stated that they expect Winters to receive Taylor’s assets in the will.

If you would like help planning a will, please contact the Houston wills lawyers of Garg & Associates, P.C., at 281-362-2865.

Pennsylvania county gives free wills to emergency workers

Posted on January 27th, 2011 No Comments

A county in Pennsylvania is taking an unusual step to help protect the rights and interests of emergency workers who risk their lives to help others: offering free wills.

Only 20 percent of emergency responders, police officers, and firefighters across the United States have wills drawn up. If someone dies in the line of duty, often families are left to cope with affairs without the assistance of a will.

The county already held a similar event last year, in which 51 emergency responders and their significant others utilized the free legal services to create wills, living wills, and designated powers of attorney. They hope to hold two events each year.

The decision to create a will is never an easy one, but is a necessary step to take to protect your family. If you or someone you know needs assistance creating a will, contact our Houston wills attorney from Garg & Associates, P.C. by calling 281-362-2865.

2010: The Year to Inherit

Posted on July 8th, 2010 No Comments

According to the New Jersey Newsroom, there is no federal estate tax this year. In an incredibly clever allusion, the Newsroom writes, “Agatha Christie should be living at this hour. The creator of Hercule Poirot could concoct a terrific detective story about a bunch of greedy Americans who did in their old, wealthy relatives in order to inherit stuff from them.”

The bad news is the tax returns next year. But, there is an exemption for up to $1 million. The Newsroom suggests that you divide your money with your spouse. Hopefully, each of your amounts will be $1 million or less, and then you will be safe from the hefty taxes. The New Jersey Newsroom reports, “The new tax rate will be 55% for estates above $3 million and 60% for estates above $10 million.”

The moral of the story is to make your will today. Contact an expert Houston wills lawyer at Garg & Associates, PC, by dialing 281-362-2865.

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