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Although an estate may promise certain properties to a beneficiary, these estates may not actually retain all of these properties between the time of the will and the time of death. However, under certain conditions and specific will language, if a property passed to a beneficiary can be created, such as a sum of money or amount of stock gathered from selling associated pieces of property, the estate will raise those properties. In a process known as ademption, any other parts of a testament may be cut from a will if the testator did not have those properties at death.

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Ademption Exemptions

Ademption is involved in the the majority of non-cash gifts in a given testament, as objects such as cars or works of art that are lost are the property of someone else, meaning that they cannot be rightfully given back to a beneficiary. There are exemptions to ademption, which create problems for probate deliberations:

  • general gifts, or monetary sums
  • a quantity of something that can be bought by sale of other estate properties
  • property lost after a benefactor becomes incompetent

Some confusion can arise between listed quantities that can diminish in between the writing and execution of a will. In general, if the testator writes the will not indicating possessive ownership over a certain quantity, the property will not be adeemed. Otherwise, the use of possessive pronouns or specific ademption clauses can provide language that clarifies these situations.

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If you are facing the division of your estate, the process can be a strenuous exercise of using precise language and adhering to state and local laws. Even a misplaced pronoun can lead to major changes in the execution of the testament. Contact the Houston ademption lawyers of Garg & Associates, P.C., today by calling 281-362-2865.

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